About me
Theo Koimtzis BEng,MSc,PhD,MIET

I am a focused and goal-driven professional with a passion for excellence.

After completion of my PhD in 2007 I have worked in the industry as a systems engineer and LabVIEW developer mainly on control, test, and automation for the Heavy Automotive, Aviation, and Oil & Gas industries, but also with scientific groups.

I have maintained my Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD) status for over a decade, and I am an expert in development of scalable medium-to-large size software applications.

Currently employed by Optical Metrology Services, a world leader in Oil & Gas pipeline services. In OMS we design and build unique precision measurements tools which form the basis of the services we provide. We also develop automated tools, rovers, and precision measurement systems for a number of partner companies.

During my two years at UCL‘s department of neurosciences I worked as a Senior Research Associate, and carried out R&D for cutting edge high-speed laser-microscopy technologies.

In TBG Solutions I led the largest two projects the company undertook since its establishment, and developed data-logging and test & automation solutions for GE Aviation, BAE Systems, MBDA, CORUS, Irish Rail and other clients. Landmark projects related to Eurofighter Typhoon, and Lockheed Martin’s F35 Lightning II JSF program.

In SPE I developed a large customisable software suite which has become the heart of a number of R&D and production-line ATE rigs across Europe used by the likes of Delphi, Concentric, Bosch, and Pall. After a decade I am still actively involved in all upgrades of this software suite.

My background is in Electronics Engineering, and I hold a PhD in Instrumentation & Analytical Science and an MSc in Instrumentation from the University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST).

With extensive experience on research and development in multidisciplinary academic laboratories in prestigious academic establishments, important research deliverables, and IEE accredited awards, I built an exceptional academic record before transferring my skills and passion for innovation creativity and commitment to excellence over to my career in the industry.

My broad experience and skill set offers me a spherical understanding of various principles ranging from low level electronics to software architectures, which is the key for designing and delivering successful systems.

I am a member of IET (MIET) abiding by the IET code of conduct.


Main Skill-set: LabVIEW CLD / large-scale applications development, ATE design, NI Real-time, NI FPGA, NI Vision, Data Acquisition, Analysis Algorithms Development, PXI, High-density switch matrixes, Extensive experience working in multi-disciplinary teams, Fluent in Mechanical Design with Autodesk Inventor), Experience in PCB design Injection moulding, and CNC machining.

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“Theo provided an excellent solution to a difficult problem in a timely manner. He has a very good approach to problem solving and is an expert in providing Labview solutions.”

Desmond Ebenezer, Technical Director

“Theo took ownership of the task and provided an excellent piece of software, overcoming some engineering issues.
Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative ”

Allan McCabe, APMP, Wh.Sch,
BAE Systems

"I would have no hesitation is recommending Theo for any electrical, electronic or software integration project. His natural ability to understand complex engineering, solid work ethics and excellent social compatibility will stand him in good stead.”

David Briscoe, Senior Systems Engineer
TBG Solutions Ltd